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Solutions to failure of bucket elevator in NPK compound fertilizer plant

Bucket elevator is used as the conveying equipment of organic fertilizer production line and npk blended fertilizer. How to deal with failures in the application process?

1. Aiming at the chain hook fracture problem of bucket elevator, the staff should lengthen the distance of the chain hook wire during maintenance, and add a reinforced base plate at the fixed part of the chain hook when installing the hopper, and weld the two parts together, so as to form a relatively complete chain link. This can not only reduce the occurrence of the chain hook fracture to a great extent, but also improve the safety One step to ensure the strength of the chain hook.
bucket elevator

2. In view of the situation of the upper sprocket slipping, before NPK production line work, the relevant staff must check the situation of the sprocket of the elevator, and try to use the anti-skid sprocket as far as possible. The upper sprocket can be processed to form a chain nest shape, which can greatly reduce the occurrence of the sprocket slipping, and the transmission efficiency of the bucket elevator can also be effectively improved .

3. The bucket elevator transports the granules formed by the fertilizer granulator. In view of the situation that the materials stick to the wall in the bucket elevator shell, the shell situation must be fully considered when selecting the conveyor.