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How much is the price of cow dung compost fermentation turning machine

Whether we process cow manure or chicken manure, pig manure or sheep manure, we need organic fertilizer fermentation equipment to process compost raw materials. The cattle dung fermentation compost turning machine has played an important role in the production and processing of organic fertilizer.

How much is the price of cattle manure composting and fermentation dumper? Cattle manure composting fermentation turner adopts four-wheel walking design, which can move forward, backward and turn, and is controlled and driven by one person. During driving, the whole machine straddles on the long strip-shaped fertilizer base which is piled in advance. The rotating cutter shaft mounted under the frame is used to stir, fluffy and move the fertilizer based raw materials. After passing, the new strip-shaped pile is formed.
cow dung compost fermentation turning machine

The compost turner machine can be operated in open field or in workshop shed. Its prices range from tens of thousands to 100000 dollars. We can also use fertilizer granulator to make compost granules for sale in the market.