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Common failures and solutions of organic fertilizer crusher

Crusher is an important machine in the organic fertilizer production line. It can crush large organic fertilizer raw materials or fermented compost into small pieces, which is easy to produce and granulate. Therefore, understanding the common faults of the crusher and the solutions to the maintenance of the crusher has important meaning. Common failures and solutions of organic fertilizer crusher during operation are as follows.
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(1) The square steel and square steel support of the material guide box fall off
For the problem of the square steel and square steel support falling off, the width of the square steel can be increased (from 150mm to 220mm), and the support structure can be improved, and fixing bolts can be added.

(2) Star wheel shift
The problem of the shift of the star wheel is caused by the different rotation directions of the two single rollers. After the single rollers are welded by the maintenance personnel, the threads of the corresponding rotation directions are made by the maintenance staff. After the nuts are tightened, there will be no loosening.

(3) The life of the tooth crown and the protective cap is short, and the sintered ore is excessively broken.
For the short life of tooth crowns and protective caps and excessive crushing of sintered ore, the single roller can be reduced from 11 rows to 9 rows; the protective caps on the sampan trolley can be reduced from 12 to 10, so that the crown and the The spacing of the protective caps has been increased to 27.5mm.

(4) Difficult to replace the guide box
Regarding the replacement of the material guide box, since the wear part is mainly the upper part, and the lower part is hardly worn, the upper and lower split structures can be adopted, and only the upper part needs to be replaced when replacing.

After the transformation, it has been proved by production practice that the effect is significant: the phenomenon of the square steel and square steel bearings falling off and the star wheel being displaced has been eliminated; the time for replacing the lead box has been shortened, the life of the protective cap has been doubled, and production costs have been reduced. The sintered ore content of 0 ~ 5mm and 5 ~ 10mm is reduced, and the failure rate of organic fertilizer crusher machine is greatly reduced.

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