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Organic fertilizer production auxiliary processing equipment

 Here are some introductions for the auxiliary equipment in the organic fertilizer production line for your reference:


1.Ration feeder
Also known as automatic feeder, silo scale, etc., there are belt feeders, screw feeders, and disc feeders.
In the processing stage of organic fertilizer, it is necessary to use a forklift to mix the fermented material into the silo of the belt silo scale (feeder). The fermented material is evenly fed into the chain grinder by the feeder, and then processed step by step. This eliminates the need to manually add raw materials to the next processing equipment through a shovel, thereby increasing the degree of automation.

2. Mixer
The mixer is generally divided into flat mouth mixer (premix) and horizontal mixer.
In the production of organic fertilizers, bio-organic fertilizers, and organic-inorganic compound fertilizers, in order to improve the quality of fertilizers after fermentation is completed, sometimes corresponding fertilizers are made in accordance with relevant standards, and sometimes compound functional microorganisms, inorganic fertilizers or other fertilizer additives are added.. This equipment plays a role in mixing.

3. Crusher
Crush the organic material after the preliminary fermentation, or crush the organic material after screening by a sieving machine. Crushers are divided into vertical chain mills, semi-wet material mills (a hammer mill), horizontal chain mills, etc. The vertical chain mills and semi-wet material mills are particularly used. Its production capacity is generally 1.0-5.0 tons / hour; the crushing fineness of organic fertilizer is ≤3 mm (more than 85%); Power: 7-45 kilowatts. According to the size of the power and the size of the crushing inner diameter, it is divided into many models.

4. Screening machine
Drum screening machine is commonly used equipment in the production of organic fertilizers or biological fertilizers and compound fertilizers. It is mainly used for semi-finished products, finished products and returned powder. The most common ones are roller screening machines, and some manufacturers use sliding screening machines and vibration screening machines. Its role is to: (1) ferment the raw material without screening; (2) separate the crushed fermented material; (3) separate the powdered organic material after compounding; (4) separate the organic fertilizer after granulation. The production capacity is generally 1.0-6.0 tons / hour; the power of the screening machine in the production of organic fertilizer is generally 3.0-7.0 kilowatts.

5. Belt conveyor
Participate in the transportation and processing of organic fertilizer in the production process. A group of production lines often requires multiple conveyors. Production capacity: 1.0 to 10.0 tons / hour; Power: 1.5 to 15 kilowatts; Belt width: 0.3 to 1.5 meters. The belt conveyor in the production of organic fertilizer is generally about 0.6 meters in width and the power is generally 3.0 kilowatts. The minimum length is 8 meters.

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