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Misunderstanding of the operation of organic fertilizer production line

There are many misunderstandings in the use of organic fertilizer production line, which may affect the service life and reduce production efficiency. Today, let us look at the misunderstandings of the use of organic fertilizer production lines:


1. Before the start of the organic fertilizer production line:
Since the new equipment has not been run-in, the first time the machine needs to be warmed up, it usually takes 40-50 minutes. The specific operation is to raise the temperature to the motorized V-belt until the motor is in accordance with the normal working options. Pull 8-10 times, and then continue to heat up for about 10 minutes.

2. Temperature regulation after power on:
Before the start-up, we have carried out preliminary temperature adjustment of the equipment. The processing of the material in the production process of the organic fertilizer production line is determined according to the characteristics of the material itself. Therefore, it is necessary to continue heating after starting the machine because normal production needs to be continued. Replenish heat; adjust different temperatures according to different properties of plastic.

3. When the organic fertilizer production line is working normally:
In normal work, the machine temperature should be stable, do not go up and down, near the vent hole until the temperature of the head part should be maintained at about 200 ° C. Under this temperature condition, generally can have a good processing of most materials.

4. The organic fertilizer production line is down:
First of all, the main unit's power supply must be cut off. The machine head plug (with wrench part) must be removed. Before the next use, separately preheat. When installing, be sure to pay attention to whether the main unit is perpendicular to the ground. After installation, first check the machine. Whether the screw is loose or not, and if the chassis of the main unit is tight, please tighten it to avoid accidents.

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