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How does organic fertilizer processing equipment make granular organic fertilizer?

Small-scale organic fertilizer processing equipment-granule organic fertilizer production line process is crushed and fermented livestock and poultry manure and crushed into pellets in a pelletizer. Scraps, organic matter as raw materials, do not contain any chemical components, and chickens and pigs have poor digestion ability, and can only consume 75% of the nutrients, while the other 25% of the nutrients in the feed are discharged with the feces, so that the dry product contains nitrogen, Phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, protein ingredients, these materials are killed by harmful bacteria under the action of high temperature and retain beneficial bacteria. The fermented materials have an organic matter content of 45% or more, and the total content of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is 4% or more and suitable for a variety of crops and fruit trees, and fully meet national organic fertilizer standards.
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With the rapid development of livestock and poultry breeding industry, a large amount of manure and sewage have been generated. The harmful elements in this manure have exceeded the standard seriously, and it is difficult to treat them by traditional methods of returning to the field. In response to this situation, people have developed organic fertilizer production lines with mobile and efficient solid-liquid separation technology as the core and integrated supporting fertilizer production equipment such as high-efficiency mixers, compost turning machine, and fertilizer granulator machine.

The development of animal manure organic fertilizer production lines and sterilization systems will help promote the formation of animal poultry manure harmless treatment, resource utilization, and commercialized production chain, and achieve industrialization, marketization, and large-scale production goals. Effectively promote the development of the city's ecological agriculture and circular economy. Granular organic fertilizer production line is based on powdered organic fertilizer for granulation processing, which is convenient for commercial sales, storage, transportation, and prolongs the retention time of fertilizer fertility.

Organic fertilizer granulator machine makes the crop straw and waste into green pollution-free ecological feed for livestock breeding; livestock and poultry manure, urban and rural domestic waste and other waste can be quickly turned into high-efficiency organisms through the organic fertilizer granulator. Organic fertilizer goes into green cultivation. Organic fertilizer granulator has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, safety and reliability, small size, light weight, etc. Users do not need special training to learn, just look at the instructions to operate. Because of the small power and high output, it is ideal medium-sized and small-scale equipment for biofertilizer project plant, feed plants, agricultural and animal husbandry plants, sewage treatment plants, townships, towns, villages.