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What role does the forklift feeder play in the production of organic fertilizer?

Forklift feeder is a kind of conveying equipment for bulk materials.This equipment can convey both fine materials with particle size below 5mm and large materials above 1m. It has the functions of strong adaptability, adjustable conveying capacity and continuous and uniform conveying of various materials. It is widely used in organic fertilizer production line.
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Agricultural feeders are used to uniformly or quantitatively supply materials from storage silos or other storage equipment to receiving equipment, and are necessary equipment for implementing automated production operations. In the production process, feeder (feeder) is used to Granular and powdery materials are quantitatively, uniformly and continuously fed from the storage bin or funnel to the receiving device.

Features of organic fertilizer forklift feeder:
1. The groove plate adopts double arc plate to effectively prevent material leakage.
2. The traction chain adopts a structure that separates load from traction, which improves the ability of the plate feeder to withstand impact loads.
3. The tail tensioning device is equipped with a disc spring, which can slow down the impact load of the chain and increase the service life of the chain.
4. There is sleeper shock absorption at the tail, and special shock-absorbing roller support in the middle, which improves the force conditions of the large materials impacting the rollers and groove plates on both sides, and increases the service life of the running parts.
5. The specially reinforced head cover is detachable on the left and right, which does not prevent lifting of the crusher rotor body.
6. Head unit sprocket 13-15 teeth, odd and even number of teeth are transmitted separately, and the life is increased.
7. The head unit sprocket is cut into 3 petals, and the teeth can be replaced without removing the chain plate, which is easy to maintain.
8. Transmission type is open type, planetary type, suspension type, which can be selected.

The organic fertilizer forklift feeder is composed of a weighing system, a chain plate conveying mechanism, a silo and a rack; the chain plates, chains, latches, rollers, etc. of the conveying mechanism are wearing parts, with different intensity and frequency of use the first wear deformation occurs and needs to be replaced by the user. The chain plate feeder has high rigidity and can adapt to large materials with a certain granularity. The storage bin has a large volume, which can effectively shorten the forklift feeding time, but at the same time, the chain plate transmission speed is slow and the load great ability.

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