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Compound fertilizer equipment manufacturer's first-class granulator process technology

Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. provides the first-class granulator technology: ①The control of the main motor current is the guarantee of safe, high-quality, and efficient production. A granulating main motor ammeter should be installed near the fertilizer granulator machine, and the feeding amount should be adjusted according to the value of the current. At the same time, the pressure and flow of steam should be adjusted in time to ensure the granulation quality. ②The control of the feeder cannot be ignored in the granulation process. A storage hopper should be installed at a reasonable position above the granulator, and its capacity should not be less than 1/3 of the material consumption per hour of the granulator. After the premixed powder enters the storage hopper, it is buffered, which is beneficial to adjust the feeding amount. ③If possible, increase the cascade cooler, increase the volume of the cooling section, improve the air outlet of the cooling fan (select 0 ° air outlet as much as possible), and increase the cooling air volume. This can reduce the moisture and temperature of the finished product and improve the quality of the particles.
fertilizer granulator machine
The most commonly used modern high pressure granulator in NPK fertilizer production line is roller press granulator. When the solid particles are under sufficient pressure, the voids inside the particles disappear, and the particles approach to a certain degree to generate intermolecular attraction. This is achieved by pressing the material through two counter-rotating rollers, which are driven by a hydraulic system. The resulting large sheet is 5-20 mm thick and has an apparent density 1.5 to 3 times the feed. The large tablets are then tabletted, crushed, and sieved to obtain the desired granular product. The operating principle of the roller press for extrusion is relatively simple, and modern machines are quite mature.

In order to maximize the operating rate and reduce the problems caused by lack of maintenance, the machine is also equipped with water cooling and automatic lubrication devices. The double-output gear reduction phase provides a completely sealed and dust-proof driving force. The driving device is coupled to the roller shaft through gears, and has a torque that allows full transmission in the event of poor self-adjustment. When the required torque is large, the gear oil is continuously circulated, filtered, and cooled, and the gear coupling can be equipped with a continuous lubrication system to maintain a long life.

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