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Process combination of organic fertilizer equipment

In the use of organic fertilizer equipment, the process combinations are different because of different requirements. Let me briefly introduce the process of organic fertilizer equipment to you.

Organic fertilizer equipment is professional equipment for the organic fertilizer production line. The results of organic fertilizers are mainly powder and particles. The particles are divided into cylindrical particles and spherical particles. The production of powder organic fertilizer is very simple. The process combination of organic fertilizer equipment is sorting, drying, fermentation, crushing, mixing, and packaging. The production of granular organic fertilizers is also relatively complicated, and can be achieved by using disc granulators and tooth granulators. Among them, the production of spherical organic fertilizer granules is the most complicated. The production of spherical organic fertilizers is based on the production of granular organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizer throwing machines, drum sieving machines, and organic fertilizer packaging machines are added after granulation.

Some organic fertilizers require spherical granules, and this type of organic fertilizer is not suitable for extrusion granulation. We will directly pulverize the organic fertilizer powder into the disc granulator or other fertilizer granulator machine, and roll it directly into ball by dripping or spraying or watering. The process combination of such organic fertilizer equipment is crushing, mixing, granulating, cooling and drying, screening, and packaging. The process combination of this organic fertilizer equipment is basically the production process of granular organic fertilizer, but it is only used in the production of granular organic fertilizer it is an extrusion granulation process, and the process combination of this organic fertilizer equipment is that the mixed powder is directly rolled into spherical particles.

The process combination of this organic fertilizer equipment is not static, and it changes with the production method of organic fertilizer and the raw material composition, raw material moisture, and final molding. Organic fertilizer raw materials are too high in PH or organic fertilizer production requirements are exquisite, we must consider the parts in contact with the material using stainless steel, or lined with polypropylene board. The technological combination of each part of the organic fertilizer equipment should be based on the principles of compactness, reasonableness, convenient operation, utilization and maintenance, so that the organic fertilizer equipment can make the best use of the organic fertilizer production.