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How to make fertilizer with organic fertilizer equipment as topdressing

Organic fertilizer is not only an ideal base fertilizer, but also as topdressing. It is the main fertilizer variety to provide nutrients during crop growth. Attention should be paid to the following matters when organic fertilizer is used as topdressing:
organic fertilizer

Early application

Organic fertilizer contains available nutrients, but the quantity is limited. It needs a certain process to release a large amount of slow-acting nutrients. Organic fertilizer should be used as topdressing a few days in advance.

Top application of high quality organic fertilizer

During the rapid growth of crops, a large amount of nutrients such as nitrogen and potassium are needed. Generally, the content of nitrogen and potassium nutrients in organic fertilizers is not high. In order to ensure the nutrient requirements of the rapid growth of crops, high-quality organic fertilizers with higher nitrogen and potassium nutrients should be selected . The rotary drum granulator mixes raw materials containing different nutrients of NPK with organic matter to make high-nutrient organic fertilizer.

Make reasonable distribution proportion of base fertilizer and topdressing fertilizer

When the soil temperature is low, the microbial activity is weak and the nutrient release of organic fertilizer is slow, so most of the applied amount can be used as base fertilizer. However, when the soil temperature is high, the microbial decomposition ability is strong. If the amount of base fertilizer is too much, the fertilizer will be decomposed by microorganism before planting, and the fertilizer effect will be released immediately after planting, which may cause the crop to grow too long. Therefore, in order to cultivate crops under high temperature conditions, the application amount of base fertilizer should be reduced and the amount of topdressing should be increased.

Proper amount of seedling

The nutrient requirement of crop seedlings is small, but the lack of nutrients can not form strong seedlings, which is not conducive to transplanting and future crop growth. Fully decomposed organic fertilizer, processed by organic fertilizer granulator machine, can release nutrients evenly and completely. It is an ideal fertilizer for seedling.

The organic fertilizer production line can directly turn fertilizer into treasure and produce organic fertilizer which has a lot of significance for agriculture. The pollution material is directly used as processing data. If the pollution source does not exist, these pollution problems are also dealt with.