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Price and characteristics of sheep manure organic fertilizer granulator

The output specifications are different, and the fertilizer granulator machine price is different. Our sheep manure organic fertilizer granulating equipment is used to granulate various organic substances after fermentation. The raw materials do not need to be crushed and dried before granulation. Processed spherical particles can save a lot of energy and break through the conventional organic granulation process.
sheep manure organic fertilizer granulator

Characteristics of organic fertilizer granulator for sheep manure

1. The organic matter after fermentation does not need to be dried, and the moisture content of raw material can be in the range of 20-40%.
2. The particles produced are spherical.
3. With high content of organic matter, granulation of pure organic matter can be realized.
4. Due to the fact that organic particles can be inlaid with each other under a certain force, no binder is needed in granulation.
5. The granules are solid and can be screened after granulation, which reduces the drying energy consumption of the fertilizer production line.