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Fertilizer machine manufacturers guide how to choose compound fertilizer

How can agricultural producers avoid inferior fertilizer and buy high quality compound fertilizer? Fertilizer granulator manufacturers guide you in the following ways.

1. Look

The compound fertilizer is processed by the rotary drum granulator. Generally, the granules are the same, without large lumps, and less powder. Small red potash fertilizer particles or white urea particles can be seen. For compound fertilizers with high nitrogen content, many attached white fine crystals can be seen on the surface of fertilizer grains after a period of storage. Inferior compound fertilizer does not have these phenomena.

2. Rub

Knead the compound fertilizer with your hands, leaving a layer of gray powder on your hands, and the sticky compound fertilizer. It is also good to break its particles and to see fine white crystals. Inferior compound fertilizers are mostly gray-black powder, without stickiness, and no white crystals in the particles.
compound fertilizercompound fertilizer

3. Burn

Take a little compound fertilizer and put it on the iron sheet and burn it in the open fire. If there is a smell of ammonia, it means that it contains nitrogen, and purple flame means that it contains potassium. The more ammonia flavor, the longer the purple flame is. On the contrary, it is inferior.

4. Dissolving

Compound fertilizer will be dissolved in water, even if there is a small amount of precipitation, it is also smaller. Poor quality compound fertilizer is rough and hard, and difficult to dissolve in water.

5. Smell

Compound fertilizer generally has no peculiar smell (except for organic-inorganic compound fertilizer). If it has peculiar smell, it indicates that it contains ammonium bicarbonate or toxic substances such as Trichloroacetaldehyde (acid).