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How to use organic fertilizer turning machine reasonably

In organic fertilizer fermentation, livestock manure and other materials, domestic waste, sludge and other fertilizer making base materials should be piled on the flat ground in a choppy manner. When the tank turning machine is used to ferment organic fertilizer, the material is directly put into the fermentation tank. In the fermentation process, compost turning function is used to provide the quality of organic manure fermentation.

Organic fertilizer raw material processing and fermentation skills

(1) Ferment with weeds and crop straws (it will decompose in about 25 days):
Use crushed weeds and crop straws (generally 3-5 cm in length), which can be adjusted with 40% manure or biogas slurry; 2% urea (46% nitrogen) or equal nitrogen fertilizer can also be used Compound fertilizer can be adjusted; it can also be adjusted by adding fresh livestock and poultry manure at a weight ratio of 3:1-4:1. The decomposed compost is processed by the rotary drum granulator to produce different kinds of compound fertilizers.

(2) Fermentation with pure feces (it will decompose in about 20 days):
Mixing is to fully mix livestock and poultry manure with high moisture content with auxiliary materials and high-temperature biological fermentation bacteria in a certain proportion to reach fermentation conditions. Organic wastes such as livestock manure can be fermented directly. The purpose of mixing is to achieve high-temperature aerobic fermentation conditions through mixing, and to make the materials have good permeability. The high-temperature aerobic trough compost turning machine has a good effect on the treatment of organic fertilizer, and all the raw materials are mixed evenly during the fermentation process.
organic fertilizer compost turning machine

(3) Fermentation with manure (it will decompose in about 15 days):
After expanding the volume of bacteria directly, remove a layer in the enclosure evenly, stir it, and stack it directly on the fermentation tank. Repeat the operation. If the water content is too large, add appropriate amount of broken dry auxiliary materials into the enclosure to adjust. The decomposed compost is further processed with an organic fertilizer granulator machine.