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Maintenance of electronic control part of fertilizer equipment batching scale

The electronic batching scale is used to mix various materials in NPK production line, so that the chemical fertilizer is allocated in proportion to meet the characteristics of crop fertilizer demand. So how to maintain the batching scale and electronic control part?
fertilizer batching equipment

1. The control room should be clean, dry and ventilated. It is better to install air conditioning to keep the indoor temperature constant;

2. After each shutdown and restart of the system, the host and channel instrument should be powered on and preheated for 15min before putting into operation;

3. Observe the pointer of the milliammeter. Under heavy load, it should not exceed 10mA. Ensure the uniform output of materials and facilitate the processing of fertilizer granulator;

4. Maintain the pre-pressure of the scale body. Normally, it is 1~2mA for no load (indicated by the pointer of the meter), and 6~8mA for heavy load, otherwise the sensor should be readjusted or replaced;

5. The sensor should be fixed on the mounting base, and the cable connecting the amplifier should not be loose;

6. The control cabinet should be fixed by embedded screws, and the shell should be grounded reliably (the grounding resistance is less than 4Ω);

7. There should be no vibration source, radiation source and strong electromagnetic source in the control room;

8. It is strictly prohibited to prevent tea cups, rice bowls and other objects on the control counter, and to prevent electric furnace and other heating equipment under the control cabinet;

9. Regularly clean the main engine, channel controller and other electrical appliances in the control cabinet to keep the interior clean;

10. After the batching system is shut down, if it is not used for a long time, all the power supplies of the main engine, channel instrument and electrical appliance shall be turned off; if the system is shut down for more than 15 days, the host and channel instrument shall be powered on and preheated for more than half an hour every 15 days to prevent moisture intrusion.