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Drum steam granulation production line is suitable for various NPK fertilizer formulations

The rotary drum granulator can form powder materials through wet granulation process, which is suitable for the production of various NPK fertilizers.

Through the use of steam, the drum granulator improves the temperature and viscosity of the material, so that the moisture content of the material can be reduced in the pelletizing process, thus reducing the drying load, and the liquid phase distribution of steam is more uniform than that of adding water. Only when the liquid phase of the material is insufficient and the material is unstable, water can be added as a supplementary means.
NPK fertilizer drum steam granulation production line
The design of compound fertilizer production by rotary drum granulator is that steam pipe is buried in the material bed, and sprinkling water pipe is arranged above the material bed. Under the condition of stable production and supply, saturated steam can provide heat and part of water to humidify materials.

In the process of NPK production line treatment, we have encountered that due to unreasonable installation of steam nozzle and uneven distribution of material liquid phase, the place where there is more liquid phase of material will stick into big ball, and where there is insufficient liquid phase, the material is difficult to form ball, which affects the formation of particles. In view of this situation, we can increase the steam nozzle to increase the steam receiving area of the material.