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How to get benefits by processing pig manure?

The first step in waste management on a pig farm is the collection and dehydration of pig manure. You can use a solid-liquid separator to dewater pig manure with a high moisture content. This step is also called preprocessing. Then Compost There are two ways to compost pig manure. One is that the window stack fermentation method can be used. If you choose this method, the compost turning machine that our company can choose include: groove turner, wheel turner, crawler turner, etc. These compost turning machine can help you ferment pigs well manure. The other is that you use a fertilizer fermenter to compost pig manure.

In order to obtain more economic benefits, the quality of pig manure organic fertilizer should be improved. You can use our post-processing equipment, which consists of screening machines, fertilizer mixing machines, pulverizers, organic fertilizer granulator machine, packaging equipment, etc.

If you want to add other materials to the pig manure organic fertilizer, you must have a mixer. Having a blender on hand is a lot of convenience, and our blenders are high quality at a lower price.

A granulator is necessary for the granulation process. Therefore, our Huaqiang professional organic fertilizer machine manufacturers provides new organic fertilizer granulators and disc granulator machine. You can use our granulator to produce granular organic fertilizer or bio organic fertilizer. But use two granulators to granulate fertilizer, after granulation need drying cooling machine. It can also be produced in a twin-roll extrusion granulator at room temperature without drying.

After granulation, there may be some large-grain organic fertilizers that do not meet your needs. At this time, you need a rotary screener to help you return the unqualified granular fertilizer to the granulation system. After screening, qualified granular fertilizers can be packaged and sold to customers. Then you can get very good economic benefits.