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How to improve the efficiency of organic fertilizer fermentation?

 The production of organic fertilizer includes two parts: fermentation and granulation. High-quality fermentation in the early stage will have better quality for the granulation of the organic fertilizer granulator machine in the later stage.

The size of the compost material. Due to the movement of microorganisms on the surface of organic particles, the particle size is reduced and the specific surface area is increased, thereby promoting the activity of microorganisms and accelerating the composting process. On the other hand, if the raw material of chicken manure organic fertilizer manufacturers is too thin, it will hinder the flow of air in the fleece layer, reduce the effective oxygen content in the fleece layer, and thus slow down the activity of microorganisms. Therefore, in order to speed up the fermentation process, it is necessary to reduce the particle size of compost materials as much as possible under the premise of ensuring air permeability.

pH value. PH value is also one of the important factors affecting the growth of microorganisms. In general, the most suitable pH for microorganisms is neutral or slightly alkaline. A high or low pH can make composting difficult. In addition, pH also affects nitrogen loss, so when the pH is above 7.0, nitrogen is volatilized as ammonia. But generally speaking, the pH value of livestock and poultry manure can meet the fermentation requirements.

Ventilation and oxygen supply. Aeration is one of the key factors for successful composting. The oxygen consumption of compost is related to the content of organic matter in the compost material. The more organic carbon in the compost material, the greater the oxygen consumption. The suitable oxygen concentration of chicken manure in the composting process is 18%. When the oxygen concentration is lower than 18%, the life activities of microorganisms in the good composting process are restricted, and it is easy to make the compost anaerobic and produce peculiar smell.

Many users are concerned about whether the materials in the production of organic fertilizer equipment will cause corrosion to the equipment of the organic fertilizer compost turning machine. If this material corrodes the machine, it will shorten the service life of the equipment and increase the production cost of organic fertilizer, which is not a cost-effective investment for the enterprise. Our company is a professional fertilizer machine manufacturers, welcome to consult.