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How to compost pig manure into high quality organic fertilizer?

 As we all know, fresh pig manure is rich in organic matter, but also contains a lot of volatile substances, pathogenic microorganisms, parasite eggs and heavy metals. In addition, fresh pig manure can produce an unpleasant smell. Therefore, unfermented pig manure cannot be used directly. But managed pig manure is free of odors and bacteria or parasite eggs. At the same time, bacterial protein and bacterial metabolites are produced in the fermented fertilizer to supplement nutrients. So you can use it in your farmland to improve soil and increase crop yields.

Currently, we have been using aerobic fermentation to compost pig manure. After the pig manure is fully decomposed, it can become a high-quality mixed fertilizer for fertilization. Then it can be used as a high-grade base fertilizer for planting crops or be sold as a commercial fertilizer after being produced by an organic fertilizer granulator machine.
Here's the answer to composting pig manure.
1. Pig manure collection. First of all, pig manure should be collected and placed in a special place, such as in a ditch or in an open space.
2. Regulates moisture. If your raw material is dry pig manure, add water to adjust. But if fresh pig manure is used, proper dehydration treatment should be taken. In conclusion, the moisture content of the raw material must be suitable for fermentation.
3. temperature control. During the composting process, the fermentation temperature is controlled below 70°C (try to ferment indoors or in a greenhouse in winter).
4. Use a compost turning machine. The key to how to compost pig manure is that it needs to work under the right conditions. And thanks to our aerobic fermentation technology, ventilation and oxygen are very important. Therefore, we usually use a compost mixer to mix pig manure for ventilation.
5. Fermentation is complete. When the material is dark brown and the temperature begins to drop to normal temperature, it indicates that the pig manure fermentation is over.
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