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How to ensure smooth fermentation when making organic fertilizer

In the production of organic fertilizer, fermentation of organic raw materials is the first step. The decomposed materials determine the quality of organic matter, so composting is also a very important link in the fertilizer production line. How to ensure the smooth fermentation?

1. When the fermentation tank is used for composting, ventilation and oxygen supply should be ensured at the bottom of the fermentation tank.

2. The results showed that the suitable height and width of the compost were 0.8-1.5 m and 1.5-2.0 m respectively. The length of the compost could be determined by the material yield. The small volume of the compost was not conducive to temperature rise fermentation and complete decomposition.
 fermentation for making organic fertilizer

3. If the composting time is too long or the straw is too much, fresh manure should be added to adjust the fermentation.

4. Cover the compost pile to avoid the compost on the air dried surface can not be completely fermented.

5. Naturally fermented compost needs to be adjusted accordingly before it can undergo secondary fermentation. The compost turning machine used in the fermentation process can improve the fermentation efficiency.