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Application effect of organic fertilizer compost turning machine

Compost turning machine is a necessary equipment in the production process of organic fertilizer. Its main function is to automatically turning the raw materials in the fermentation, so that the materials can better contact with the air, so as to improve the speed of material fermentation. On the other hand, it also plays a role in controlling the composting temperature.

The main purpose of turning over fermented compost is to evaporate excess water, so that the fertilizer and air are fully mixed, and the air is wrapped in the gaps of the compost. The decomposed fertilizer is suitable for the deep processing of fertilizer granulator. The smooth realization of composting fermentation depends on the distance the fertilizer travels in the air after being thrown. To analyze the effect of fertilizer throwing, the following assumptions are made for the thrown fertilizer particles:
1) When the fertilizer particles are thrown away from the Throwing Knife, the initial velocity of their motion is equal to the absolute velocity of the throwing knife speed and the involved velocity of the tipper
2) The movement of fertilizer particles has no influence on the movement of adjacent fertilizer particles
3) The trajectory of fertilizer particles is a continuous curve.
organic fertilizer compost turning machine

There are many types of organic fertilizer turning and throwing equipment on the market, and the actual use functions are also very different. The main selection factors are determined according to the customer's terrain conditions, fertilizer production line technology, investment scale and other aspects. One of the most commonly used and lowest cost compost turning equipment is the trough turning machine. The smallest size is two meters in width. Of course, the large trough turning machine can reach more than 10 meters, and the price is more than 20,000 US dollars.

In addition to the above-mentioned trough turning and polishing machines, there are many types of organic fertilizer fermentation equipment, which are divided into two categories, trough turning and turning machines and walking turning and turning machines. The walking type turning machine is divided into crawler type and wheel type.