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How to select the screen of fertilizer drum screening machine?

Drum screening machine is also widely used in fertilizer production industry. Both the powder and the granule processed by the fertilizer granulator should be screened by the roller screen.
fertilizer drum screening machine

The screen selection of drum screening machine is related to the efficiency of the equipment and the service life of the screen, so the selection of the screen is also more important in the fertilizer machine.

The screen mesh of the drum screening machine is generally selected as manganese steel woven mesh, stainless steel woven mesh, and manganese steel woven mesh is generally recommended. In addition, the selection process is also related to the particle size of the screened material. For example, the size of the screen hole should consider the particle size made by the rotary drum granulator.

The material size is generally between 10mm-200mm, using manganese steel woven mesh. The sieved material whose particle size is between 200 mesh and 300 mesh adopts stainless steel woven mesh. When the screen is too small, it is generally necessary to install a lining screen, to protect the working screen, and secondly to play a supporting role to extend the life of the working screen.