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Correct operation of large equipment in fertilizer production line

How to operate fertilizer equipment correctly in NPK production line? For the operation of fertilizer production equipment, people think that they are very experienced in operation, but in actual operation, all kinds of faults come from nonstandard operation. Incorrect use will cause problems with fertilizer equipment.

In order to avoid wrong operation, here summarizes the following methods to operate fertilizer machine correctly.

1. Operators should not wear gloves. When the fertilizer granulator is blocked, it is forbidden to put hands into the filler hopper.

2. Before starting the fertilizer equipment, it is necessary to check whether the connecting bolts of each part of the unit are tight, whether the tightness of the drive belt is appropriate, and whether the power line is in good condition. Whether the shafts are parallel.

3. After NPK production line is started, make the equipment idle for 3 minutes and check whether the operation sound is normal. It can only work after the machine rotates smoothly.
large equipment in fertilizer production line
4. Do not stop the machine immediately after the work is finished, but idle for 3 minutes so that the materials in the machine can be completely discharged. Cleaning and maintenance shall be carried out after shutdown.

5. After 300 hours of operation of the fertilizer dryer, wash the bearings and change the oil.

6. During the work of the organic fertilizer and NPK fertilizer production line, pay attention to the operation of the dryer at all times, and feed evenly to prevent clogging, and do not overwork for a long time.

7. When the fertilizer dryer is running, the operator shall not leave the unit, and shall not disassemble the machine during operation to observe the working conditions in the drying room.

8. The fixed operation of heavy equipment such as rotary drum granulator, organic fertilizer granulator and dryer should be fixed on the cement foundation.