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Protection mechanism of belt conveyor in fertilizer production line equipment

In the chemical fertilizer, grain, industrial processing and other industries, we often see such a machine, the material is poured into its bottom, and then with the drive of the belt conveyor, the material is transported to another location, which is very convenient. It is a belt conveyor.

Belt conveyor is widely used in NPK production line of fertilizer industry, which greatly facilitates production and processing. In the design of belt conveyor, the designer also designed the great protection of common problems according to its performance characteristics to ensure the normal operation of the belt conveyor.
belt conveyor in fertilizer production line equipment

1. Belt conveyor speed protection:

If the conveyor fails, such as the motor is burned, the mechanical transmission part is damaged, the belt or chain is broken, the belt slips, etc., the magnetic switch in the accident sensor installed on the driven part of the conveyor cannot be closed or cannot be closed at normal speed . At this time, the control system will function after a certain delay according to the inverse time limit characteristic, and the speed protection circuit will take effect to execute some actions and cut off the power supply of the motor to avoid the expansion of the accident.

2. Temperature protection of belt conveyor:

When the belt conveyor roller and the belt friction cause the temperature to exceed the limit, the detection device (transmitter) installed close to the roller sends out an over-temperature signal. After the receiver receives the signal, a 3s delay is passed to execute some actions and cut off the power supply of the motor , The conveyor stops automatically, which plays a role of temperature protection.

3. Belt conveyor stop protection at any point in the way:

The chemical fertilizer is granulated by rotary drum granulator, and then dried, cooled and screened. Different processing of NPK production line is connected by conveyor. If it is necessary to stop at any point along the conveyor, turn the switch at the corresponding position to the intermediate stop position, and the belt conveyor will stop immediately. When it needs to be re opened, first reset the switch, and then press the signal switch to send a signal.