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Characteristics of granular products produced by roller extrusion granulator equipment for npk fertilizer

The granular fertilizer produced by the compound fertilizer roller extrusion granulator has the characteristics of up to standard nutrients, storage resistance and easy transportation, which meets the requirements of market circulation.
In terms of nutrients, roller granulator products are compared with fertilizers, the overall nutrients of compost products using livestock manure as raw materials are still too low and can only be used as a part of the base fertilizer. Although it helps to improve the soil and crop growth environment, the lower nutrient content does not have a prominent effect on increasing production, which is different from the existing ones. There are obvious differences in agronomic planting habits and crop fertilizer requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to add a part of inorganic nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients to the compost to increase the nutrient content of organic fertilizers, or use a roller granulator to make organic-inorganic compound fertilizer products.

Fertilizer manufacturing equipment granulates fertilizer. Based on the dual characteristics of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer not only has the characteristics of long efficiency of organic fertilizer, improving soil and activating inorganic nutrients in soil, but also has the characteristics of high nutrient and fast fertilizer efficiency of inorganic fertilizer. The advantages complement each other and make up for their respective defects, so as to achieve the integration of fertilizer speed and long-term effect. In addition, the product sales radius of organic fertilizer plants ranges from tens to hundreds of kilometers, and some are thousands of kilometers away. Moreover, it is difficult to apply powdery organic fertilizer manually or mechanically. This requires that the organic fertilizer should be extruded into granular products by compound fertilizer granulation mechanism, and packaged into bags, so as to achieve nutrient balance, easy storage, transportation and use.