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Long term mechanism of organic fertilizer production line manufacturers

With the continuous development of the organic fertilizer equipment market, in order to make the organic fertilizer production line better progress and improvement, enterprises must constantly innovate and explore the equipment, develop more high-end technology, and then increase the content of high-tech to make it more convenient.
Organic fertilizer equipment can keep up with the development of the times, and even so, the organic fertilizer equipment we produce still has a gap in entering the high-end market. As for organic fertilizer equipment, in the face of such a development environment, how should companies deal with it?
organic fertilizer production line

The main indicators of lean production of organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers are high reliability of machine quality, shortening of delivery cycle (processing cycle), delivery performance (on-time delivery rate), cost (turnover days) and flexibility.

(1) Establish a mobile NPK production line to reduce the inventory of intermediate products.

(2) To shorten the fertilizer production cycle time. The goal is to make the production cycle time equal to the processing time of the organic fertilizer production equipment, so that the production cycle time is shorter than the delivery time required by the customer, so that balanced production can be carried out. It can quickly respond to changes in quantity and variety.

(3) The customer's order is delivered to the production line or post process of the factory in time, and the organic fertilizer production equipment factory produces accordingly. The finished products of the organic fertilizer granulator are shipped immediately, and there is basically no inventory. Flow production line capable of order production.

(4) We will continue to push forward a fluid economy. Implement automation; In the orderly flow, strong production site management, quality control, high production efficiency and low cost ability, continuous improvement activities.