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The difference between the flat die machine and the ring die machine

It is well known that many feed enterprises at home and abroad use the ring die machine to granulate, because the raw materials for the feed are all fine materials, but the crude fibers such as straw and wood chips have low adhesion rate and are difficult to form, and if they are used as fuel particles. It is said that the density required is very large, so it takes a lot of pressure to reach the density of the particles, which increases the difficulty invisibly. Due to the gradual rise of renewable energy in recent years, the ring-shaped granulators for fuel pellets promoted in the market have evolved from the ring-forming machine used for feed, so there are still many drawbacks that we need to improve.

The flat die series fertilizer granulator machine is generally divided into two pressure rollers or a plurality of parallel pressure roller granulators in China, which is mainly suitable for organic fertilizer granulation. If it is made of fuel pellets, it can be made, but the wear on the machine
is very large, so the cost is increased, so it is not applicable.


Above, we briefly explained the situation of the ring die and the flat die machine, but what is the difference between the two series of machines when making fuel pellets?
First, Feeding method: The ring die granulator adopts mechanical forced feeding, high-speed rotary centrifugal distribution into the granulating chamber, distributes the material through the scraper, and the feeding is uneven; the flat granulator enters vertically by the weight of the material itself. The pressing chamber is capable of even feeding.

Second, the pressure: in the mold of the same diameter, the diameter of the ring die is limited by the diameter of the ring die, so the pressure is limited; the diameter of the flat die is not limited by the diameter of the die, can increase the bearing Space, the use of large bearings to enhance the bearing capacity of the pressure wheel, not only improve the pressing force of the pressure wheel, but also extend the service life.

Third, the discharge mode: the ring mold belongs to high speed, the material breakage rate is high; the flat mold belongs to low speed, and the damage rate is low.

Fourth, the pressure wheel adjustment mode: the ring mold granulator should use the two screws on the eccentric wheel in the middle of the pressure wheel to adjust the pressure; the flat mold granulator is the thread adjustment screw m100 center adjustment mechanism, the top force hundred tons, the drop Smooth, soft touch and even pressure. Rotary manual and hydraulic automatic adjustment can be used.

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