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Classification and working principle of chain crusher

LP series chain crusher is suitable for the crushing of blocks in fertilizer manufacturing process. It is also widely used in chemical, building materials, mining and other industries. The machine uses high-strength and high-strength hard alloy chain plates with synchronous speed during the crushing process. The inlet and outlet ports are designed reasonably, the broken materials are even, and it is not easy to stick to the wall, which is easy to clean.


Below we will understand the classification and composition of the following. According to the installation form, the chain crusher is divided into two types: vertical chain crusher and horizontal chain crusher. The vertical chain crusher is a single rotor, and the horizontal chain crusher is a double rotor. The main working part of the chain crusher is a rotor with a steel chain. One end of the chain is connected to the rotor, and the other end of the chain is provided with a ring head made of wear-resistant steel. The chain crusher is an impact crusher that pulverizes the impact of the block by a chain that rotates at a high speed.

The double-rotor structure of the horizontal chain crusher has a separate drive motor for each rotor shaft, and the circumferential speed of the chain head is in the range of 28-78 m/s. The horizontal chain crusher consists of a feed port, a body, a discharge port, a rotor (including bearings), a transmission and a damper.

In order to prevent the friction between the adhesive material and the steel plate of the machine body, a rubber plate is lined in the machine body, and a quick opening type maintenance door is arranged on both sides of the body, the body and the transmission device are mounted on a base made of a steel, and a vibration damper is mounted on the lower part of the base and connected to the foundation.

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