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How to improve the efficiency of organic fertilizer crusher equipment?

In recent years, with the steady and rapid development of China's economy and the large demand for crushers in the western development, and thus promoting the rapid development of the crusher industry in China, how can we improve the efficiency of the crusher in fertilizer manufacturing process? Here we simply analyze the points of attention.

1. Material selection is the key. Pay attention to the hardness of the material when selecting materials. The harder the material, the more difficult it is to smash, and the more wear and tear on the equipment. The speed of smashing is slow, and the natural smashing ability is small.

2. The humidity of the material is the key, which is, when the moisture contained in the material is large, the material is easy to adhere in the pulverizer, and it is easy to block during the feeding process, resulting in a reduction in the pulverizing ability. Therefore, before comminution, try to find ways to reduce the water content, so that the pulverizer can work better.

3. After crushing, the material has high requirements on the fineness of crushing, that is, the finer the material to be crushed, the stronger the crushing ability.

4. The composition of the pulverized material, the more fine powder contained in the material before pulverization, the more the pulverization is affected, because these fine powders tend to adhere and affect the transportation. For the content of fine powder, it should be sieved once in advance.

5. the viscosity of the material: that is, the greater the viscosity of the material, the easier it is to adhere.

6. The better the wear resistance of the crushed parts (hammer head and jaw) of the crushing equipment, the greater the crushing ability. If it is not wear-resistant, it will affect the crushing ability.

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