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Three factors affecting the quality of finished products of extrusion granulation compound fertilizer

 Extrusion granulation of NPK fertilizer production line is a dry granulation process in which solid materials are agglomerated by external pressure. When the material is under high pressure, the particles are in close proximity to cause molecular force and electrostatic force, so that the particles are tightly combined. Extrusion granulation of compound fertilizer production line is affected by many factors, such as its brittleness, hardness, density, wear, corrosion, moisture, temperature, fertilizer particle shape, particle distribution, and fluidity and so on.
In the actual production process, we should pay more attention to the factors affecting the quality of the finished product, prevent it in advance or monitor it at any time, so that the finished product has higher output, better quality and better economic benefits.
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Below, let Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry explain the three factors affecting the quality of the finished products of extrusion granulation compound fertilizer equipment.

1. Compound fertilizer equipment raw materials. It includes the characteristics of the raw materials, water content, particle size distribution, plasticity, temperature and hardness. When the water content is less than 3%, its physical properties are affected. When the water content is >3%, drying equipment should be provided;

2. Roller press granulator operating conditions: including operating pressure, diameter of the pressure roller and its circumferential linear velocity, surface structure of the pressure roller, operation gap between the pressure rollers, etc.;

3. Different materials in the compound fertilizer equipment formula may undergo chemical reaction after extrusion granulation, and some may cause particle breakage; therefore, after the raw materials and products are determined, the extrusion granulation evaluation test shall be performed.

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