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Analysis on the problems and countermeasures in the compound fertilizer production by extrusion granulation

The problems frequently encountered in the extrusion granulation production process of the NPK fertilizer production line include low granulation rate, small product granule strength, severe dust running, and low output. The following are the reasons of these problems and countermeasures solving these problems:

1. The reasons for the low granulation rate are: the water content of the material is low or high; the distance between the extrusion rolls is large; the material enters the pressure roller with air; the material particles are too large or too fine. The countermeasures for solving these problems are: controlling the moisture content of the material to be 1.5%-2.5%; adjusting the gap at the bottom of the roller to be 3 mm; maintaining the height of the material in the hopper of the extruder at more than 1/3 to reduce the amount of air entrained in the material; The material crushing particle size is controlled within the range of 0.3-1.5 mm.

2. The reason for the small particle strength of the extruded granulation product of the compound fertilizer production line is that the moisture content of the material exceeds the standard; the temperature of the material in the system is too long to cause the temperature to rise; the loosening of the roller fixing screw occurs, and the material is offset when the material is pressed. The countermeasures to solve these problems are: control the moisture in the range of 1.5%-2.5%; intercept some materials from the system for temporary storage, and then return to the line after cooling; check the roller positioning screws and tighten them regularly.

3. The serious reasons for the dust run are: the moisture content of the material is too low; the material in the storage bin is too small; the screening process is not dust-removing or the dust removal effect is poor. The countermeasures to solve these problems include: controlling the moisture content of the material; keeping the material in the silo at a certain height; sealing a top of the sieve and adding a cyclone dust collector and a fan to seal the dust removal process, timely cleaning the negative pressure pipeline and cyclone dust removal The material inside the device keeps the equipment and pipes open.

4. The reasons for the low output are: the equipment layout is unreasonable, and the production continuity is not strong. The countermeasures are as follows: the ingredients are changed from the original one-pot intermittent feeding to the two-pot continuous feeding; the traditional design extruder is two sets.

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