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Compound fertilizer production line drum screening machine matters needing attention

 Drum sieving machines are widely used in many industries and are a common mechanical device. For example, metallurgy, building materials, mines, etc., all play a role in screening. The drum screen is screened according to some characteristics such as the shape of the material. Screening of the material through the drum screen can greatly increase the yield of the screened material. In the NPK fertilizer production, the classification of large and small blocks and the separation of powdery substances can be sieved.

The rotary drum screening machine is mainly composed of a disc screen, a feeding hopper, a screening cylinder, a driving motor, an impurity collecting and a material conveying device. The utility model has the advantages of stable work in work, wide material adaptability, high screening efficiency, large screen component, easy to enlarge, low energy consumption, simple maintenance and long service life. Today, this article mainly talks to you about the precautions for the rotary drum screening machine of the NPK compound fertilizer production line:

1. When the material contains water, the particles are easy to stick to the sieve surface, so that the sieve holes are partially blocked, and the materials left on the screen cannot be sieved out, which makes the product appear inferior and seriously affects the product quality.

2. Mesh shape and material particle shape rectangular punching screen surface of the sieve hole shape is divided into a circular shape, the mesh surface of the sieve surface is mostly square. The rectangular mesh hole is only applied when the screen angle is large or the moving speed of the screen material is large.

3. The movement mode and amplitude of the sieve, the amount of vibrating screen treatment is in the range of 40 ~ 60 tons, the amplitude is 3 ~ 4 mm, the amplitude will change with the increase of the processing capacity of the screening machine, otherwise the sieved product Quality cannot be guaranteed.