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How to distinguish true and false compound fertilizer?

 Now more and more farmers like to buy compound fertilizer. In order to enable farmers to purchase genuine authentic compound fertilizer when purchasing fertilizer, to achieve the cost of buying real goods, saving production costs and improving fertilizer utilization. Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry, as fertilizer machine manufacturers, will introduce simple identification of the compound fertilizer.


1. Outer packaging identification method. The product name, nutrient content (grade), trademark, net weight, standard code, factory name, production license number and registration number must be indicated on the compound fertilizer packaging bag. Incomplete, the package is rough; it may be a fake and inferior compound fertilizer. Special attention should be paid to the compound fertilizer with obvious sealing marks on the sealing of the bag. This phenomenon may be adulterated.

2, simple visual method. In general, as long as the real thing, compound fertilizer has to go through a complex set of procedures, such as granulation in the fertilizer granulator machine, color performance is simple, or grayish white or light gray, rarely mottled, and the granulation is relatively uniform, round or cylindrical. The fake and inferior compound fertilizer is mostly not deep-processed, which is made by rough or general mixing, the color is impure, and granulation is uneven, some even not granulated, into a flour.

3, hand pinch feeling method. The real compound fertilizer is generally cooled by high temperature melting and granulation and then dried, good stability, hardness, and hardness performance is consistent, hand pinch is not easy to break, not easy to soft. However, the hardness of the fake and inferior compound fertilizer is poor, the hardness is inconsistent, the hand is pinched easily, or it is muddy.

4, sniffing method. Pinch a small simmer compound fertilizer sniffing a smell, if found to have ammonia smell, it is a low-content compound fertilizer, which is mixed with ammonium bicarbonate, the total content is low. If other odor is found, it is mostly fake Compound fertilizer. And true compound fertilizer or more than 25% of total nutrient content, generally has the advantages of stable composition, will not decompose or melt, so there will be no odor, generally no ammonia smell.

5. Dissolution method. Put the compound fertilizer granules in a small amount of water. After a period of time, it can be judged according to the dissolution. The compound fertilizer granules will diverge and dissolve. After shaking, the solution will be stable with almost no residue. The fake compound fertilizer dissolves very poor or not dissolved at all.

6, fire method. The compound fertilizer particles are heated or burned, and the advantages and disadvantages of the fertilizer are identified from the melting condition, smoke and residue. After heating, the compound fertilizer will bubble and melt (the more nitrogen, the faster the melting ), smoke, and emit ammonia smell, the particle deformation becomes smaller, the higher the concentration, the less the residue. The high-quality high-concentration compound fertilizer burns completely, almost no residue. On the contrary, that that cannot burn or burn but have no ammonia smell is probably a fake compound fertilizer.

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