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What are the problems in the development of compound fertilizer industry?

NPK fertilizer production occupies a very important position and role in the development of China's agriculture, and has become the pillar industry for the creation of national economy at that time.


Throughout the development direction of the society, the compound fertilizer equipment industry has a good development trend and has become a traditional and new entrepreneurial field. With the expansion of rural urbanization in recent years, the demand for fertilizer is increasing, the quality requirements are getting higher and higher, and the market space for compound fertilizer equipment is also broader, which will become the pillar industry for the national economy.

However, there are two different voices about the development of China's compound fertilizer equipment industry in the near future: one believes that there is still great potential for the development of China's compound fertilizer equipment industry, and another one believes that compound fertilizer equipment has experienced a serious decline in the past decade.

At present, the main problems in the development of NPK compound fertilizer production industry:
(1) The agronomic formula is complicated. There are more than 20,000 agronomic formulas in national compound fertilizer enterprises, lacking regional norms and planning; the formula is not scientific. The agronomic formula cannot effectively interface with soil testing and fertilization, affecting the industrial layout, production, circulation and application, and the fertilizer benefits are poor, resulting in waste and environmental pollution. The solution to the problem is to improve the scientific nature of the formula and provide technical support for the layout, production, circulation and application of the compound fertilizer equipment industry.

(2) Main production process of compound fertilizer—phosphoric acid slurry process, long production process, high energy consumption, and ecological process with “three wastes” emission.

(3) Compound fertilizer granulation technology and the operation of fertilizer granulator machine mainly relies on manual control, the level of automation control is low, the work intensity of workers is high, the efficiency is low, and the precision level is poor, which affects the production capacity and product quality.

(4) The technological innovation of compound fertilizer equipment blending BB fertilizer raw materials needs to be strengthened to improve the scientific and technological content of basic raw materials. For example, the granule-like granule potassium of the extrusion granulator which is commonly used is easy to be separated and layered, and the application is inconvenient.

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