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Different types of compost turning machine are available for organic fertilizer fermentation

In the process of organic fertilizer production, users choose the suitable production equipment and machine model according to the output of their own factory. The quality of organic fertilizer fermentation is guaranteed by the compost turning machine, and the fermented material is suitable for the deep processing of organic fertilizer granulator machine.
Tank type compost turning machine

The fermentation equipment used in organic fertilizer processing includes self-propelled windrow turner, crawler turner, trough compost turner, roulette turning machine, chain plate turner, organic fertilizer fermentation tank and so on. There are many choices of fermentation equipment, and the prices vary greatly. Users need to choose according to their own factory production needs.

Tank type compost turning machine is one of the most widely used types in organic fertilizer plants.
1. Automatic discharging device can be selected to improve the efficiency and convenience of material in and out
2. It can realize the operation of one machine with multiple tanks and save equipment investment
3. According to the design requirements, aeration system can be installed at the bottom of fermentation tank to realize static aeration and auxiliary oxygen filling to materials.
4. It is recommended that the turning machine should be combined with the solar fermentation room with heat preservation control, which is more economical and practical.