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Operating regulations of urea fertilizer crusher

Urea crusher is used to crush large granule urea to make material suitable for NPK production line granulation. In order to maintain the equipment and avoid unnecessary faults, strictly abide by the operation specification.
Here the fertilizer granulator manufacturer briefly introduces the operating procedures of this crusher.

(1) Before leaving the factory, the motor of urea mill has been sealed with lead and the coupling has been corrected. Do not loosen the parts at will;

(2) Regularly clean up the iron impurities on the permanent magnet cylinder and the permanent magnet plate of the feeder of the pulverizer;
urea fertilizer crusher
(3) Regularly check the fineness of the crushed products to ensure that the materials are suitable for the rotary drum granulator.

(4) Clean or replace the bag of the dust collector regularly (ensure the air permeability of the bag), and regularly check the working condition of the solenoid valve (to see if it can work normally);

(5) Regularly check the wearing condition of each vulnerable part of the pulverizer to see if it belongs to normal wear;

(6) Always pay attention to the vibration of the crusher;

(7) When the hammer piece of the pulverizer is seriously worn and needs to be replaced, it is necessary to weigh it to ensure that the weight difference between the two opposite hammer pieces on the two relative hammer pin shafts is ≤ 1g, and the total weight difference of the hammer pieces on the two relative hammer pin shafts is ≤ 2G;

(8) When installing the screen, pay attention to whether the screen is properly worn and installed, and whether the screen needs to be replaced properly;

(9) The opening degree of the air supply door of the impeller feeder should be adjusted appropriately;

(10) If abnormal conditions such as large vibration and high noise of the crusher are found, it should be shut down immediately for inspection;

(11) 80 grams of grease should be added to the spindle bearing after every 40 hours of operation, but only to 60%. After 1800 hours of operation, the bearing box cover should be removed and all used grease should be replaced. When changing to fresh grease, add grease to the area around the rollers and bearing rings, and add 1/3 to 1/2 of the grease to the bottom case. Do not add too much grease;

(12) When it is found that the output of the grinder suddenly drops, in addition to the factors of raw materials, check whether the air supply door is in place, whether the pipeline is leaking, whether the pulse bag is blocked, whether the solenoid valve, fan is working normally, etc.