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Reasonable choice of fertilizer production dryer is important

In the production process of bio organic fertilizer, the moisture content of fertilizer is required to be lower than 14%. If the particles are too wet, they need to be dried. Therefore, drying is an indispensable and important process in the fertilizer production line, which directly affects the output, quality and energy consumption. It is very important to select the fertilizer granule dryer machine reasonably.

In the fertilizer production process, the fertilizer processed by the rotary drum granulator enters the dryer for drying. In order to avoid the death of effective live bacteria due to high temperature in the drying process, the temperature of hot air contacting with materials is different according to the moisture content of materials. It is suggested that the hot air temperature can be controlled in sections, which can improve the thermal efficiency and avoid the death of effective living bacteria.

Combined with these characteristics, a drum dryer suitable for low temperature and low moisture drying is selected, which can control the temperature of hot air to ensure that the material temperature is not higher than the specified temperature in the whole drying process. A cooler can be added at the tail of the machine, which can be cooled immediately after drying, which has the function of multi-purpose.
fertilizer production dryer

A section of secondary granulation area is set in the front of the rotary drum dryer for fertilizer, in which the material can realize secondary granulation. After that, the material is lifted up by the lifting plate for full drying. The wet hot air is drawn out through the exhaust fan through the pipeline at the tail of the dryer, and then enters the settling chamber for settlement. After the secondary dust reduction treatment, the tail gas of NPK production line can be discharged into the atmosphere.