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Differences between organic fertilizer equipment and inorganic fertilizer equipment

When selecting organic fertilizer equipment, we should pay attention to the annual output, organic raw materials, compost fermentation mode, and the degree of mechanization of the compost turning machine. These are the key factors for organic fertilizer processing. In short, organic fertilizer production is a relatively complex process, but the risk is relatively small. If all aspects are mature, it can bring huge profits to the enterprise. The following describes the difference between organic fertilizer equipment and inorganic fertilizer equipment.

Organic fertilizer production equipment and inorganic fertilizer equipment are different, organic fertilizer equipment is mainly divided into two parts, fermentation part and production granulation part. There is also a big difference between the production of granulation part and inorganic fertilizer part, because organic raw materials and inorganic raw materials are different, the production of inorganic raw materials can be processed according to the formula of raw materials, mainly chemical reactions. If the compound fertilizer formula is appropriate and the operation is skilled, the pelletizing rate of rotary drum granulator is very high, and the production is relatively easy.

Even if the fermentation of organic fertilizer raw materials is better, granulation is relatively difficult, because the characteristics of organic raw materials are that the raw materials are light, rough, and the bonding rate is relatively low, and various organic raw materials have different characteristics. Therefore, the selection of organic fertilizer granulator machine should be particularly careful, otherwise it will not only affect the output, but also make the appearance of the product is not beautiful.
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The internal quality of organic fertilizer mainly depends on the fermentation part and the formula of the product. The key factors in the fermentation part include: microorganism, C / N ratio, C / P ratio, water content, pH value and aeration control. If one of the factors is not well controlled, the fermentation will be affected. Either the fermentation is not carried out, or the fermentation is incomplete or the fermentation time is long. Therefore, fertilizer plants usually use compost turning machine to cut the yeast to ensure smooth fermentation.