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Economical and practical track type compost turner fermented organic fertilizer


Economical and practical compost turning machine

1. The track type compost turner is composed of mixing and shifting. It can realize the functions of air permeability, crushing and loosening when working. It is a common equipment for organic fertilizer production.
2. Under the action of the shift machine, the compost turner machine can change the composting production from single tank to multi tank fermentation, and can change the tank at will in multiple tanks, realizing the use of one machine with multiple tanks.
3. Compost turning machine composts evenly without agglomeration, the fermentation temperature rises quickly, and the dehydration and drying effect is good. Greatly reduce labor intensity, reduce production labor and save costs.
Economical and practical track type compost turner fermented organic fertilizer

Working Principle

The NPK production line is simple, and the production of organic fertilizer requires fermentation and turning. The stacker is placed on the fermentation tank and can walk back and forth along the track on the tank. The trolley is placed on the work frame, and the stacking components and hydraulic system are installed on the trolley. When turning and throwing, the work frame moves forward at a certain speed from the initial end of the fermentation tank, and the trolley is stationary relative to the work frame. The stirring parts in the lower part of the turner machine turn over the fermented material continuously to make the material contact with air.