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How long does it take for the fertilizer production line to process compost fermentation

In the process of organic waste treatment in fertilizer production line, fermentation is needed for a certain period of time. Most organic fertilizer products are only composted and fermented for 15-20 days, which can only meet the harmless standard. So how long does it take to ferment to get high quality organic fertilizer?

The fermentation process of high quality organic fertilizer compost generally takes 45-60 days. This is because during the heating stage and high temperature stage of composting, harmful microorganisms such as plant pathogenic bacteria, insect eggs and weed seeds will be killed, but the main role of microorganisms in this process is metabolism and reproduction, and only a small amount of metabolites are produced, and these metabolites are unstable and not easy to be absorbed by plants.

Moreover, in order to make the fermentation of high quality, it is necessary to use the compost turning machine to process the materials. Moreover, it is more convenient to stir fermentation compost with organic fertilizer flipper and save manpower. When turning over and throwing, the materials stay on the pallet for a long time, disperse at high position, fully contact with air, and easy to drop moisture. A removable wear-resistant curved tooth blade is installed on the flip-flop support plate, which has strong crushing ability for materials when taking materials. Moreover, the materials in the trough are transported to a high position of 3m through the chain plate and then continuously dropped downward. The material movement track is long and fully contacted with the air in the process of overturning, which not only improves the oxygen supply time of materials, but also facilitates moisture volatilization, and promotes the rapid completion of aerobic fermentation. It is very suitable for occasions with large processing capacity, humid climate and continuous fermentation.
compost fermentation

After the compost passes through the high temperature stage, the microorganisms will humusify the organic matter in the later cooling period, and in this process will produce a large number of metabolites beneficial to plant growth and absorption. So it needs post-corruption. The decomposed humus is used as a raw material to be mixed with other fertilizers, and then high-quality fertilizer products are made through rotary drum granulator.