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Dewatering machine used in livestock farms and the advantges

  Nowadays, many livestock farm will use the dewatering machine for the animal dung. It is an environmental protection device for the dehydration of manure and feces. It can separate the raw manure sewage of chicken manure and other livestock manure into liquid organic fertilizer and solid organic fertilizer. The liquid organic fertilizer can be used for the crops, and the solid organic fertilizer can be transported to the area where lack of fertilizer, and can also play the role of improving the soil structure, and can be made into an organic fertilizer through fermentation.

  There are a lot of advantages of the machine:
1. Short fermentation time
Firstly, the factory-based fermentation process is used to inoculate high-efficiency active bacteria and oxygen, so that the microorganisms can quickly form a dominant flora, shorten the fermentation time, accelerate the deodorization, and generally complete the deodorization and decomposing in 10 days, while the farmer's fertilizer is routinely stacked, it takes 5 days in summer and half a month in winter.
2, low energy consumption
The fermentation process utilizes bio-heat to evaporate a large amount of water, low energy consumption, saves coal, saves electricity, and has low labor intensity, can better control fermentation humidity, and reduce loss of effective substances.
3. Small environmental pollution
The use of closed equipment enhances the controllability of factory production and reduces the exposure of mosquito and parasite sources.
4, long service life
The dewatering machine has the advantages of explosion-proof tube, anti-blocking, corrosion resistance and long service life. At the same time, it can also connect clean water pipes, clean and maintain pipelines and integrate irrigation with fertilizer and water.
  The precautions for use
1. The lower part of the machine frame is equipped with movable feet to move the work, but it needs to be placed on a flat ground.
2. Check whether the parts are complete and not damaged, and whether the fastening bolts and screws are loose.
3. The reducer is filled with enough lubricating oil.
4. Turn on the power, jog the operation, and pay attention to whether the direction of the lost is correct. Idle for 10 minutes, check if there is any abnormality and sound in each rotating part, and whether the operation is stable.
5. Before feeding, it is necessary to clean and dry the contact materials part, and pay attention to effectively ground the machine to prevent electric leakage.