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Packing machine used in the fertilizer production line


Packing is the final process of the granular fertilizer, no matter organic fertilizer production line or the NPK fertilizer production line. so there need packing machine in the last part.

Our factory has granules fertilizer packing machine and tons bags fertilizer packing machine.

The granule packaging machine can be divided into large packaging and small packaging. The granule packaging machine is suitable for quantitative packaging of rubber granules, plastic granules, fertilizer granules, feed granules, chemical granules, grain granules, building granules and metal granule sealing granules.

The granule packing machine is mainly suitable for filling those powdery materials with good fluidity, such as pesticides, veterinary drugs, traditional Chinese medicine, feed, desiccant, salt, monosodium glutamate, tea, etc., which have the advantages of fast, accurate, economical and practical.

The semi-automatic granule packing machine can complete the work of metering, filling and so on. It is suitable for packaging those flowable granular materials, and is suitable for quantitative packaging of materials that are not suitable for cutting methods such as spirals and turntables.

The granule packaging machine itself is not known to the public, but its contribution to the packaging industry is endless. The packaging machine for granular materials is mainly used for granular materials with good fluidity such as grain, seeds, nuts, food and spices.

The ton bag packaging machine is a large-scale weighing packaging equipment for ton bag packaging materials. It is a multi-purpose packaging machine integrating electronic weighing, automatic bag removal and dust removal. It has high automation, high packaging precision, adjustable packaging speed and superior structure. The unique hydraulic lifting system is especially easy to handle tons of bags, and it is very convenient for the subsequent process. The ton bag packaging machine is suitable for the packaging of materials in the mineral, chemical, building materials, grain and feed industries.