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Two kinds of batching system in fertilizer production line

  When in NPK compound fertilizer production, there are some kinds of raw materials,such as urea,DAP (diammonium phosphate), potassium sulphate etc. as we know all the raw materials need to be mixed at a certain ration before granulation. If there are too many ingredients here,it’s difficult for manpower to mix them well, so we can use the raw materials batching system to mix all the raw can save labor and improve productivity.

  If the raw materials are for NPK fertilizer production,they also need to be crushed into powder first before they are put into the batching system,if for BB fertilizer production line,they can be granules type.

  Our factory manufactures two kinds of batching system.they are widely used in the NPK fertilizer production or the organic fertilizer production are some introduction to you.

  One kind is the multiple silos multiple weigh static automatic batching is mainly suitable for mixing, batching and feeding of 3-8 kinds of raw materials. The system is automatically controlled by a computer scale. the material supply is controlled by the pneumatic valve in the main bin. The materials are mixed in the stock bin and sent automatically by the belt conveyor. The machine has the advantages of simple operation, high batching accuracy, adjustable material ratio, easy installation.

  The other one is the single silo single weigh dynamic automatic batching system. It is a kind of automatic proportioning device which can be working with BB fertilizer equipment, organic fertilizer equipment, and compound fertilizer equipment. It can work out the automatic proportioning according to the customer's requirements. The machine is used for weighing and distributing of various raw materials, instead of manual weighing or volumetric metering. It has the characteristics of high precision, fast delivery efficiency and high automation, and is one of the main parts of the complete fertilizer production equipment. The product is controlled by microcomputer, electronic monitoring, and digital prompt, easy to control and easy to operate. It is the guarantee for precisionof the fertilizer ingredients ratio.