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BB fertilizer mixer and fertilizer production line

BB fertilizer is different from the organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer, the organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer, they are pellets made of different raw materials powder, but the BB fertilizer is made of different kinds of fertilizer granules. The name of BB fertilizer means Bulk Blending Fertilizer, also known as blending fertilizer, which is made by blending elemental fertilizer (or multi-fertilizer) in a certain proportion. It is a compound fertilizer in which several granular single fertilizers or compound fertilizers are blended in a certain ratio.

The total requirement of the mixed fertilizer for blending fertilizer is uniform particle size, low moisture content, good particle strength, no agglomeration during storage, raw fertilizer for blending fertilizer, consistency of particle size, not only the upper and lower limits of particle size are consistent and they are required to have a similar granular distribution. Therefore, analysis of the particle size distribution of different raw materials before the fertilizer is blended is an important step to ensure the quality of the blended fertilizer.

The series of BB fertilizer equipment is new blending (mixing) equipment developed by our factory, It is a new generation of practical fertilizer processing equipment that absorbs domestic and foreign fertilizer-making technologies and combines with China's actual conditions. According to the soil nutrient status, crop fertilizer demand, characteristics and target yield of different regions of fertilizer sales, the demand and proportion of different nutrients are calculated. After mechanical mixing, it can be stacked for a long time without special packaging, and applied directly to the field.

The advantages of BB mixer are large mixing amount, easy formulation and strong pertinence. It overcomes the distributaries phenomenon caused by the mixture in the downward flow process because of the proportion of material and the different granularity, and improves the proportioning precision. It is suitable for dry blending of multi-basic fertilizers with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers by physical methods to make blended fertilizers (BB fertilizers) with multiple fertilizers and unit fertilizers. It integrates ingredients, mixing and quantitative packaging, and can be automatically completed according to the formulaOf 6 kinds of materials; for different crops, different areas of soil conditions modify the formula; can produce different BB fertilizer products.

The machine is simple in structure, easy to operate and easy to maintain, greatly reducing equipment investment, thus saving labor force, financial resources and energy consumption for the customers.

We also can help to set up the BB fertilizer production line for our customers. There need batching system, BB fertilizer mixer, rotary screener and packing machine in the production line, also the belt conveyor for transmission.