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Best roller extrusion granulator to process NPK fertilizer

Roller granulator eugenics formula compound fertilizer extrusion granulator, no need to dry, room temperature production, product extrusion molding, so that product quality in line with the requirements of organic fertilizer and NPK compound fertilizer granulation technical indicators, is used to produce a variety of crop raw materials and energy saving replacement products.

Through the research and practical experiments, it is found that the organic fertilizer produced by the organic fertilizer granulator is rich in nutrients and organic matter, and the roller extrusion granulator can also reduce the problems of soil hardening and salinization. It is a necessary resource to carry out sustainable agriculture and a necessary fertilizer to construct ecological agriculture.
roller extrusion granulator to process NPK fertilizer

NPK production line process of roller granulator

The qualified raw materials are added to the mixer according to the requirements of the ratio and mixed evenly. It is conveyed to the disc feeder, and the iron material in the material is cleaned during the conveying process. The material in the disc feeder evenly enters the extrusion granulator, the material is forced to pass between the two pressure rollers and is squeezed into flakes. The flakes are crushed into fragments by the coarse crusher under the pressure roller and then screened. , The materials on the screen continue to be crushed and sieved. The semi-finished products are conveyed to the finished sieving machine, the fine particles after screening are directly returned to the disc feeder, and the large particles are crushed by the pulverizer and then returned to the disc feeder. The qualified products after screening are transported to the fully automatic packaging scale for weighing, packaging, and storage.