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Problems needing attention before installing fertilizer manufacturing equipment

1. Check whether the motor label of fertilizer manufacturing equipment can meet the requirements.

2. Measure the insulation resistance with a 500 V megohmmeter, and the drying temperature of the drying equipment shall not exceed 120 ℃.

3. Check the fasteners of the motor of the organic fertilizer equipment to avoid looseness.
fertilizer manufacturing equipment
4. Check the rotary drum granulator motor appearance for damage and deformation.

5. Check whether the organic fertilizer equipment can change sensitively. If there is any abnormality, clean it up.

6. Check whether the power supply of fertilizer manufacturing equipment is lack of phase, and run it for 5 minutes without load.

The above are the issues that need to be paid attention to before installing fertilizer manufacturing equipment. Long-term use of organic fertilizers to plant crops is not only high-yield but also high-quality. Organic fertilizer equipment is worthy of everyone's long-term praise.