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Continuous development of fertilizer manufacturing equipment and blending fertilizer equipment

The development of the market will determine the development of fertilizer manufacturing equipment, only let the enterprise more comprehensive development, will be in constant change, constantly meet the needs of consumers, and the development of organic fertilizer equipment also has higher requirements, in the way of mutual benefit, better help the rapid development and progress of organic fertilizer equipment. Provide rotary drum granulator, organic fertilizer granulator, double roller granulator and other fertilizer granulation equipment.
fertilizer manufacturing equipment

BB fertilizer mixer, as a special fertilizer mixing equipment, can intermittently produce granular fertilizer and continuously produce granular fertilizer. Intermittently or continuously mixing production mainly depends on manual or mechanical batching. The manual batching of various fertilizers is usually lump by lump, which usually requires a certain mixing time of 1-3 minutes. The mechanical batching usually uses dynamic batching machine for batching. After batching, all kinds of fertilizers on the conveyor belt are layer by layer, which is easy to mix. Just need the batching mixer to reverse the discharge to mix evenly.