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What should you pay attention to before the drum granulator is put into production?

According to the production experience of our factory for many years, we should pay attention to five aspects before the feeding of the rotary drum granulator machine in the NPK fertilizer production line:
1. According to the process flow and equipment layout diagram of the compound fertilizer equipment drum granulator, the inspection and acceptance drawings are complete, which is convenient for the maintenance of the production. If conditions permit, the drawings and finished materials should be re-completed.

2. Manual inspection. Check before power-on: Usually small and medium-sized equipment needs manual turning, according to requirements, while larger heavy equipment is equipped with auxiliary mechanism for turning the vehicle;

3. Unit test and linkage test. Mainly check whether the direction of operation is correct, whether the adjustment position is in the working position, whether it can be continuously operated within 24-72 hours without failure, and the linkage operation is checked. Check whether the whole equipment can operate without failure for 72 hours.

4. Inspection of conveying equipment and chute pipes. The running, running and leaking of belt conveyors and hoists during the operation of the equipment will seriously affect the feeding.

5. Preparation of material maintenance work before compounding equipment drum granulator feeding test.


Only after completing the above work can the feeding operation is carried out. Since the compound fertilizer equipment is non-standard equipment, it is necessary to prepare general maintenance tools and cleaning tools, and sufficient spare parts, which should be repaired and replaced as soon as necessary.

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