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Maintenance of compound fertilizer equipment disc granulator

The disc granulator is one of the main equipments used in the NPK fertilizer production line. It has a new and reasonable structure, light weight, high height, flexible and convenient process layout, and is suitable for the transformation of old factories. So how does the disc granulator perform maintenance during the daily operation? Here is a detailed introduction:


1. After the machine is used for 500 hours, replace the lubricating oil once. The normal operating oil level is not lower than the oil mark center line. Please replenish it below the center line, and change the oil once every 3000 hours.

2. Always check the protective sleeves on both sides of the steering gear and the protective cover on the upper part of the steering machine and the universal cross shaft. Damage to the jacket is a major cause of early wear and damage to the steering gear. Therefore, check the status of the dust jacket at least once a month. If the jacket is damaged, it must be replaced immediately, and the machine should be thoroughly inspected and maintained before replacement.

3. After doing the four-wheel positioning adjustment before the beam, change the steering rod, pay special attention to the protective sleeve cannot appear distortion, assembly is not in place, etc., and otherwise it will cause damage to the sheath.

4. Due to the use of grease will gradually become dirty, deterioration, so that the lubrication capacity is reduced; at the same time the material under wear will gradually increase, abrasive wear will become more and more heavy, making the steering machine wear more. Every 100,000 kilometers of driving, the steering machine should be fully maintained and thoroughly cleaned and refilled with grease.

5. The steering machine is used in harsh conditions, the load is large, special grease must be used, ordinary grease cannot meet the requirements of use.

6. The direction of the steering machine will gradually increase during use. If the left and right air travel of the steering wheel exceeds 15 degrees, the steering machine must be inspected. If the gear rack is abnormally worn, the steering assembly must be replaced. If there is no abnormal wear, the gap is too large and can be adjusted. When adjusting, it is necessary to go to the service station by trained professionals. After adjustment, ensure that the steering wheel can reach the extreme position left and right, and the power is even and the rotation is flexible.

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