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Application of mixing equipment in fertilizer manufacturing process

Mixing equipment has a wide range of applications in industrial production, especially in the chemical industry, and fertilizer manufacturing process, many chemical production, and fertilizer production are more or less applied to the mixing operation. The various chemical changes in the chemical process are premised on the full mixing of the participating reactants. For the physical changes such as heating, cooling and liquid extraction, and gas absorption, it is often necessary to use a stirring operation to obtain a good effect. Mixing equipment is used as a reactor in many applications.


The role of the mixing equipment is as follows:
1 .to make the material mix evenly;
2 . to make the gas well dispersed in the liquid phase;
3 .uniformly suspending solid particles (such as a catalyst) in the liquid phase;
4 .uniformly suspending or fully emulsifying another liquid phase which is incompatible;
5. To enhance the mass transfer of the relevant questions (such as absorption, etc.);
6. Enhanced heat transfer.

For the homogeneous reaction, it is mainly 1 and 6 points. The speed of mixing, the degree of uniformity and the heat transfer conditions will affect the reaction results. As for the heterogeneous system, it also affects the size of the phase interface and the mass transfer rate between the phases, and the situation is more complicated. Therefore, changes in agitation often affect the quality and yield of the product very sensitively, and such examples in production are very common.

Stirring plays a very important role in accelerating the progress of the reaction between liquids that are incompatible with each other or between liquids and solids. Because the rate at which one phase is mixed into the other phase is increased, the contact surface increases and the material interact at a greater velocity. In some cases, agitation is an important factor in creating good conditions during the reaction. For example, heat transfer is enhanced, local overheating is reduced, and material coking during heating is avoided. For example, in the production of high-pressure polyethylene, due to the action of the agitator, the material has a certain residence time in the reactor, and more importantly, the catalyst is evenly distributed in the device to prevent local violent polymerization and cause explosion. Therefore, the stirring equipment plays a very important role in industrial production.

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