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Benefits of fertilizer granulation

Due to the widespread use of granulation methods, granulation technology has evolved into an independent technical category. The purpose of granulation varies according to the industry in which it is applied. In general, it has the following objectives: for accurate quantification, formulation and management; prevention of dust flying and adhesion on the walls; environmental pollution and raw materials after granulation Loss; can effectively prevent segregation after granulation; reduce hygroscopicity, is conducive to storage; adjust bulk density, improve solubility; beautiful appearance, convenient use, etc.


The purpose of granulation in fertilizer manufacturing process is generally as follows:

1. In order to accurately quantify, dispense and manage, avoid uneven distribution of nutrient content;

2. Prevent the dust from flying and the adhesion on the wall, the dust of the powder is flying and the adhesion is serious, and the environmental pollution and the loss of raw materials, such as pesticide granules and solid fertilizer, can be prevented after granulation;

3. Preventing the separation of the components of the fertilizer, and the segregation phenomenon is likely to occur when the particle size and density of the components in the formulation are different. The mixing after granulation or granulation can effectively prevent the separation of the fertilizer particles;

4. To prevent agglomeration in a certain solid phase production process, such as the production of granular phosphorus amine and urea, generally the particle size is larger than the powder particle size, and the specific surface area of the material after granulation is greatly reduced. The number of particles that can be contacted around each particle is small, and thus the adhesion and agglutination are greatly weakened, thereby greatly improving the fluidity of the particles, such as the ceramic raw material spray granulation can significantly improve the stability of the molding feed;

5. Adjust the bulk density, increase or extend the storage time of the fertilizer;

6. Easy to use, easy to carry and transport, improve the value of goods.

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